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i really admire the design for these stairs and how they incorporate a wheelchair access ramp. in a world were barrier free design is essential to living a full and happy life, its amazing to see landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander has taken literal steps to design stairs AROUND a ramp, instead of the other way around.

This is beautiful.

Form AND function excuse me while I die

we had stairs like this at the local science center when i was a kid and i thought they were SO GREAT!!!

they’re physically interesting, and fun to walk up, and beautiful, AND USEFUL. way to go, everyone.



treat yourself this year

I don’t know who remembers it but straight up back in 2008 there were internet wars between Naruto and One Piece over which one was better, and it was most notably called the ‘Pirates or Ninjas’ debate. But this swimsuit. Is a Naruto one piece swim.
It is Naruto One Piece.
After 6 years we finally have the fucking epitome of that internet war in the weirdest fucking pun that has ever graced my eyeballs.
I can now die peacefully.



First tutorial for the first Tutorial Sunday

How to print your own fabric Part 2. Great for doll clothe when you can’t find a pattern that fits your doll’s size ^ç^.

(I did NOT draw the images I used in this ‘tutorial’, I found them here on Tumblr ages ago but I can’t find the source, I believe they belong to Mibu-no-ookami on Deviantart but if you know for sure who draw them please tell me so I can credit them)

Thank you again! ♥

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